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Licensing very often forms an extremely important part of your business, particularly in technology and digital businesses where the use of copyright, trademarks, designs and patents has to be regulated in commercial agreements in a manner that works for your business. If you get it wrong, your business profits could suffer significantly. How do you get the best out of one of your key assets, namely your intellectual property and what are your short term and long term business strategies for doing so? There are a whole range of commercial decisions that need to be encapsulated in commercial agreements that will ultimately protect your intellectual property and your business.

We are experts in drafting commercial agreements and we can assist you in making key decisions for your business by addressing in plain language the commercial issues and technical and scientific concepts. As we said we are here to help you make those decisions and to deliver the appropriate commercial agreements that will protect your interests.  We believe in providing quality legal services and it begins with you, understanding your business and goals.

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Your business is complex and changing at a rapid pace. Both the regulatory system and technology is equally evolving and changing all of the time. Any commercial agreement must take into consideration future changes in business and technology. Similarly, technology that we never thought would apply to certain industries or sectors is now commonplace. You need to keep up with the market and without doubt the commercial agreements that you enter into, must reflect changes in the market, changes in your business strategy and changes in technology and science. We understand the fundamental nature of change, our solicitors are trained to spot change and to react to it whether that involves being at the cutting edge in negotiating a commercial agreement or working with clients so that they understand changes in the market and in technology. Whether it is a copyright, trademark, patent, design or other intellectual property agreement, we like to think  that we can deliver top quality legal work that will exceed your expectations. The types of matters that we deal with on a daily basis are:-

  • IP competition matter.
  • Dealing with dispute provisions in commercial agreements.
  • Dealing with insolvency issues relating to agreements.
  • IP issues resulting from the disposal and purchase of businesses.
  • Issues relating to Brexit.
  • Venture capital issues with IP licensing.

At Adams Law, we help our client both on the domestic as well as the global stage. We have negotiated many significant international agreements.