Smart Practice

You might call it success or simply solving a problem. Always eager to help, we are just as good at tackling the smaller issues as we are at solving the bigger problems.

30 Jun 2017

acting for a receiver in the sale of 270 residential properties.

31 May 2017

Acting for lending institutions in relation to new and refinanced loans- €100M.

31 Mar 2017

enforcement of a foreign judgement in excess of €10M.

31 Mar 2017

high court defence litigation in relation to a commercial agreement - value €2M.

20 Feb 2017

roll-out of healthcare company - value €250m.

20 Feb 2017

high court defence litigation relating to a lending institution - €5M.

27 Dec 2016

negotiating and mediating shareholder dispute in the Pharmaceutical industry – value €6M

27 Nov 2016

Acting for a retailer in a court application to renew their lease.

30 Oct 2016

wind farm development and financing - value in excess of €100m.

31 Aug 2016

acting for investors in relation to the acquisition of a shareholding in accompany - €3M.

30 Aug 2016

complex trust law and tax law litigation in the high court, Irish estate with a multi-jurisdictional trust.

27 Jul 2016

Acting for an individual in relation to her constructive dismissal case.

31 May 2016

investment in an Irish leisure and entertainment business – €4M.

30 Apr 2016

successful defence of a tenant in a dispute over rent - €250,000.

31 Mar 2016

acting for a joint venture partner in a shareholder dispute - €3M.

20 Feb 2016

banking litigation in the Commercial Court involving Irish and U.K. assets - value €50m+.

31 Jan 2016

unfair dismissals action for 20 employees against a foreign owned company.

30 Jan 2016

advising international pension fund purchasing Irish real estate assets - value €80m.

30 Jan 2016

sale of an Irish hotel group - value €500m+.