Donald Trump – ON THE MOVE…

Donald Trump – ON THE MOVE…



[TRUMP] meaning: a dependable and exemplary person; a decisive overriding factor or ultimate resource.

IRELAND’S CALL. Are you moving to Ireland or considering establishing an Irish or European operation?

Don’t let politics get in the way of tough decisions, we certainly don’t. We are in the business of giving practical legal and commercial advice for companies and senior executive establishing themselves in Ireland.

We most definitely consider ourselves dependable and an ultimate resource when it comes to the following matters:-

  1. European and Irish regulatory issues.
  2. Senior executive business immigration.
  3. Brexit issues.
  4. Green field and brown field investments.
  5. Industry specific knowledge.
  6. Corporate and commercial advice.
  7. Workforce issues and
  8. Dispute resolution.

We are a one stop shop for foreign companies establishing operations in Ireland or senior executives moving to work in Ireland. We can introduce you to our trusted network of other professional advisers and assist you with location searches.

At Adams Law we are prepared to partner you through a difficult move, our solicitors can provide you with everything you need to successfully establish and manage your business in Ireland.


Article by: Milan Schuster