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We offer a range of premium corporate legal services. We are eager for success and assist clients around the globe in respect of complex and important legal issues. We mean business.


Our Key Legal Services

Corporate & Commercial Law

Corporate & Commercial law work is very much at the heart of what we do. We advise in relation to a broad range of commercial issues for clients in Ireland and worldwide. We have a broad expertise and know-how and we believe we provide substantial ‘added-value’ to our clients. We advise in relation to mergers and acquisitions, shareholders agreements, venture capital and private equity investments, management buy outs, commercial contracts, joint venture arrangements, corporate reorganisations and European Law issues. We have vast experience in the following sectors; data & IP, property & real estate, energy, retail & leisure, healthcare, banking and lending, media, renewable energy, transport and the food industry. We are a firm very much focussed on getting the deal done for our clients.

Commercial Litigation & Business Disputes

It is all about success, the outcome and the cost. We know how to do it faster and better than our competitors and above all we believe in a value for money service. We are experienced commercial litigators and we are driven by success. We have acted in countless cases in the European Courts, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, Commercial Court, High Court, Circuit Court and District Court. We have assisted clients in claims against private litigants, government authorities, airlines, international companies, banks, insurance companies, receivers, liquidators, trustees and investors, to name but a few. We have an efficient and thriving debt collection department. Our experience spans data and IP issues, intellectual property disputes, manufacturing and construction disputes, contract disputes, product liability disputes, commercial property disputes, shareholder disputes, misleading and deceptive conduct, employment law and industrial relations matters and insolvency law.

Property & Real Estate

Experience. We have got it. Talent. Got that too. Knowledge. Yes, plenty of that. Experts? Definitely. We know a lot about doing property deals. In fact we have completed on some of the largest deals in Ireland. We have also advised on cross-border property transactions and have taken lead roles in multi-property sales and purchases. So, what do we do that is really good? We litigate really well in property disputes, because we have an outstanding knowledge, both commercial and legal, of property transactions. Come and talk to us because we know how complex transactions are structured and coupled with our litigation experience, we can sort out your property issues fast and in a practical and commercial manner. We have experience in multi-unit developments, large residential developments, shopping centres, industrial estates, rights of way and easements, wind farms, nursing homes, tax driven development, construction disputes, construction contracts, collateral warranties and guarantees, commercial leasing, landlord and tenant issues and disputes, complex development contracts, complex property ownership structures, joint venture agreements and investment schemes. We have acted for the largest developers in Ireland, for banks, investment funds, private funds, receivers and liquidators and both Irish and International investors.

Inward Investment

If you are looking to expand or relocate your business to Ireland then we are the right law firm to speak to. We advise in relation to setting up the appropriate business structure, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and banking transactions, business migration services, company secretarial services, corporate immigration, commercial contracts under Irish law, outsourcing, procurement and manufacturing, employment law advice, property and securities and the Irish legal and judicial system. We are a one stop shop for international companies seeking to re-locate in Ireland. We provide ‘hand-holding’ to ensure your re-location is successful and we make sure you are aware of the ins and outs of doing business in Ireland. We are here to help and to put your business on a firm footing in Ireland.

Data & Intellectual Property

Without doubt, your data and intellectual property may be one of the most valuable parts of your business. It is crucial that you protect your brand, business or product name, trade secrets, trade dress, original content, diagrams, photographs, video, music or artwork that you have spent significant time developing. At Adams Law LLP we work with seasoned business professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and essentially companies of all sizes in advising then what they can protect and how to do it.
Our solicitors have litigated numerous data, patent, copyright, trademark and similar intellectual property claims. We have taken cases for media companies, retailers, music and graphic artists, photographers, inventors, licence holders, franchisees, manufacturers and technology companies.
We like satisfied clients. In each of these cases, we have achieved the best results for our clients. How did we do that? By working with our clients to develop and implement a strategy based upon our premium data and intellectual property knowledge and our clients’ business objectives.