Smart Practice

You might call it success or simply solving a problem. Always eager to help, we are just as good at tackling the smaller issues as we are at solving the bigger problems. Here are some recent legal transactions from our clients and team.

16 Nov 2017

Acting for a landowner in respect of a dispute relating to a development contract, services of land, rights of way and easements. €2M. Settled at hearing to the satisfaction of client.

07 Nov 2017

Acting for a commercial client in respect of an option arrangement and sales contract for a commercial warehouse in North County Dublin. Value €2.5M.

04 Nov 2017

Acting for a major Irish retailer in the refinance of a mixed use building comprising offices and retail. Value €10M.

01 Nov 2017

Acting for the purchaser of a dental clinic, one of 15 clinics to be acquired in Ireland. Multi-million euro project.

19 Oct 2017

Acting for a semi-state body in respect of the letting of an office block in Dublin City and a warehouse premises outside of Dublin.

17 Oct 2017

Acting for a healthcare company in relation to a joint venture with a US healthcare company. Value in excess of €20M.

16 Oct 2017

Acting for a client in respect of a judicial review in the High Court in respect of a planning refusal on appeal.

03 Oct 2017

Advising client in relation to the sale of an international food company. Value €50M.

22 Sep 2017

Acting for a prominent international retailer in respect of company secretarial requirements.

08 Sep 2017

Acting in the re-finance of three commercial buy to let properties for a lending institution. Value €4M.

05 Sep 2017

Acting for a leisure group in relation to a €4M investment in its business.

23 Aug 2017

Advising international computer client in relation to a corporate fraud matter. Value €3.5M.

18 Aug 2017

Acting for a manufacturing company in relation to a supply agreement for 10Million products to a French pharmaceutical company.

10 Aug 2017

Acting for an estate agency in relation to a partnership dispute with one of it’s partners.

08 Aug 2017

Acting for a UK client in respect of a High Court case relating to mobile telecommunications. €9M. Settled prior to hearing to the satisfaction of client.

27 Jul 2017

Advising major international retailer in relation to aspects of establishing an SE company under European Law.

30 Jun 2017

acting for a receiver in the sale of 270 residential properties.

31 May 2017

Acting for lending institutions in relation to new and refinanced loans- €100M.

31 Mar 2017

enforcement of a foreign judgement in excess of €10M.

31 Mar 2017

high court defence litigation in relation to a commercial agreement - value €2M.

20 Feb 2017

roll-out of healthcare company - value €250m.

20 Feb 2017

high court defence litigation relating to a lending institution - €5M.

27 Dec 2016

negotiating and mediating shareholder dispute in the Pharmaceutical industry – value €6M

27 Nov 2016

Acting for a retailer in a court application to renew their lease.

30 Oct 2016

wind farm development and financing - value in excess of €100m.

31 Aug 2016

acting for investors in relation to the acquisition of a shareholding in accompany - €3M.

30 Aug 2016

complex trust law and tax law litigation in the high court, Irish estate with a multi-jurisdictional trust.

27 Jul 2016

Acting for an individual in relation to her constructive dismissal case.

31 May 2016

investment in an Irish leisure and entertainment business – €4M.

30 Apr 2016

successful defence of a tenant in a dispute over rent - €250,000.

31 Mar 2016

acting for a joint venture partner in a shareholder dispute - €3M.

20 Feb 2016

banking litigation in the Commercial Court involving Irish and U.K. assets - value €50m+.

31 Jan 2016

unfair dismissals action for 20 employees against a foreign owned company.

30 Jan 2016

advising international pension fund purchasing Irish real estate assets - value €80m.

30 Jan 2016

sale of an Irish hotel group - value €500m+.