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  • Collect your debts in a fast and efficient manner.
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  • If you leave this site you won’t collect your debt.
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What types of debt cases have we sorted out for clients recently?

  • International paint company supplies €125,000 of products to a company in Ireland and they have stopped paying.
  • A personal loan of €50,000 to an employee, they have left the business and are not taking any calls.
  • An Irish company supplied a computer reseller in Asia with €500,000 worth of hardware and software, which they claim is out of date and they are not willing to pay for the goods.
  • In addition, a dispute over a building contract of an office block, where the builder is owed €280,000, which the owner is retaining because of defects.
  • A retail tenant has not paid rent on 9 months and is still trading from a landlord’s premises and owes €75,000 in rent.
  • A advertising client rent a campaign for a retail company online and is owed €40,000.
  • A retailer of pharmaceutical products claims that the products it was sold are out of date and is not willing to pay their invoice of €22,000.
  • A client invested seed capital in a residential development, the developer sold out the development and our client never got their €150,000 initial investment back.

However, why Adams Law LLP rather than a debt collection agency?

Give me 10 good reasons…

  • We are Solicitors. Much higher success rate.
  • Proven debt recovery strategy.
  • Reasonable fees.
  • Covid19 friendly.
  • Most importantly, we are Regulated by the Law Society of Ireland.
  • Professional Service Guaranteed. It is about finding a solution for you.
  • Experienced team.
  • It might be complex – however, that is not a problem.
  • Let’s take the hassle out of debt recovery and debt collection for you.
  • You don’t want to go to Court? 95% of cases settled out of Court. Let’s discuss to options.

First step – Demand Letter.

  • Simple. Send out a demand letter asking for your money back or else you will take formal legal action.
  • Immediate Action. Once you give us all of the information we can get going.
  • Non-paying. Your debtor needs to know you are at the top of the list for payment.
  • Do it legally and do it right.

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Second step – What Happens Next? Will My Case End Up In Court?

  • Most cases settle before being heard in Court.
  • That does not mean that your case might not end up in Court.
  • However, we do our very best to collect that debt before it goes to Court.


  • A lot of debtors respond positively to our initial demand.
  • Above all, we try and find a solution that works best for you.
  • Very often if the debtor engages, going to Court can be avoided.
  • As a consequence, often the costs of Court can be avoided.

Third Step – Execution

You win your case. So, where to from there? You will need to register your judgment and seek to enforce against the debtor.

Your could consider the following:

  • Register of Judgment Mortgage.
  • Sheriff to seize goods.
  • Publication.
  • Seek a winding up order against a company.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • An order to be examined in Court.
  • Attachment of Earnings.
  • An Instalment Order.
  • A garnishee order.
  • Appointment of a receiver.

It’s about you

Very often, our clients will have cash flow issues but sometimes debt collection revolved around the principle of the matter. For instance, you might be agreeable to putting in place a formal instalment arrangement. You might want to get judgment in order to attack other assets owned by a debtor. We tailor the solutions to your requirements.

Without doubt, we Have A Reputation Of Progressing Debt Recovery Cases And Negotiating Practical Debt Solutions For Clients.

Our Focus

Our Focus Is On Delivering Our Clients’ Commercial Objectives Efficiently And Cost Effectively, Using Progressive Case Management Techniques. Likewise, we Are Conscious That Litigation May Not Be The Only Remedy For Defending Your Business Interests And Key To This Is Working With Our Clients On Pre-litigation Matters And Risk Issues.

Finally, alternative Dispute Resolution Is Also An Extremely Important Part Of Our Practice. Our Partners Have Considerable Expertise And Qualifications In This Area. We Act For Clients In Mediations, Arbitrations, Adjudications And In Informal Dispute Resolution Processes To Resolve Disputes. A Number Of Our Lawyers Are Accredited Mediators With Experience In Mediating A Broad Range Of Commercial Disputes.

Other recent success cases

  • Firstly, a successful compromise of a debt owed by a hotel group to a furniture company. Recovered full amount of debt in the sum of €250,000.
  • Secondly, acting for a middle eastern company against an Irish contracting company relating to €8M of development works.
  • Thirdly, acting for a defendant in a dispute with workers with allegations of breach of contract and a claim for €1.5m for loss of pay.
  • Fourthly, debt collection for unpaid rent and service charge of €800,000 against a restaurant operator.
  • Fifthly, a commercial court action against a purchaser of an office block. Specific performance proceedings for completion of the transaction and recovery of the purchase price of €1.4m.

Frequently asked questions

Will I get my money back?

It is important that you talk to us first. Subsequently, we can advise you in relation to the various alternative options. However, very often a demand letter is sufficient to make the debtor pay. We have a high success rate.

What will all of this cost?

Firstly, for Debt Recovery, it Really All Depends On The Amount Of Money You Are Seeking To Recover And How You Intend Going About Recovering Your Debt. Secondly, it Also Depends Upon Whether The Matter Settles Before Going To Court Or Whether You Have To Go To Court And Subsequently Enforce A Judgment. In short, when taking Debt Recovery proceedings, we understand that you want to get your money back as quickly and reasonably as possible. Will give you Schedule Of Costs Up Front. So That You Know What The Cost Implications Are moving forward.

Do You Act For Individuals Collecting Debts?

Absolutely yes, of Course We Do. Complete The Online Debt Recovery form Or Call Us To Get A Quote.

Is It Worth Trying To Recover Old Unpaid Debts?

Typically, If The Debt Is More Than 6 Years Old You Won’t Be In A Position To Collect The Debt. It Is Important That You Act Fast in Debt Recovery cases, If You Have Any Doubts About Whether Your Debt Qualifies, Contact Us And We Can Let You Know what the position is with your debt.