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are you an employee
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We advise individuals and companies in relation to a whole range of employment law and pension law issues in Ireland. Are you an employee or an employer? It is essential that you have solicitors that can offer you advice on the confusing and complex matters of employment law in Ireland. These complex issues can be transfer of undertakings issues, holiday pay, maternity leave, advising on contracts of employment, health and safety procedures, adoptive leave procedures, unfair dismissals, grievance procedures, minimum wage issues or working time procedures.

We provide advice on employee disciplinary and workplace matters. We also have expertise in advising, drafting and reviewing employment contracts, severance agreements and collective bargaining contracts. We advise clients in all aspects of business planning, organization and acquisitions and sales of businesses.

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Our practice has represented clients in unfair dismissal claims in Court, pension rights complaints, employment standards and worker’s compensation matters, Labour Court and Employment Appeals Tribunal hearings, grievance meetings and arbitrations, mediations and other employment or labour related administrative hearings.

An employment relationship is very important for both the staff member and also the employer. Make sure you know your rights. Here are some of the areas that our employment lawyers advise on, on a daily basis. Our lawyers advise both employers and employees in relation to their employment issues.

  • Advising employees in relation to their employment Issues.
  • Advising employers on all employment issues.
  • Employment contracts.
  • Redundancies.
  • Unfair dismissals and wrongful dismissals.
  • Service agreements.
  • Transfer of undertakings.
  • Employment Appeals Tribunal proceedings.
  • High Court proceedings.
  • Trade unions / collective bargaining.


  • Acting for 20 employees in relation to a redundancy and a failure to adequately notify.
  • Acting for a senior executive of a technology company negotiating an exit package of €1.5M.
  • Advising a manufacturer and retailer on all aspects of employment law.
  • Preparing contracts of employment and an employee handbook for a multinational credit card company.
  • Acting for nursing home group including defending an unfair dismissal brought by a former senior employee who was dismissed.
  • Advising a chemical manufacturer in relation to a collective redundancy.
  • Preparing bespoke contracts of employment and a company handbook for a music school.
  • General employment advice on disciplinary processes given to a high street retailer.
  • Advising a high street fast food company on a unfair dismissal claim and disciplinary procedures.

What we can do for Employers

Adams Law have a team of highly qualified employment solicitors who are absolutely dedicated to providing a practical, prompt and knowledgeable advice to employers in respect of a whole range of legal issues. We can assist you wherever your issue is in Ireland.

Adams Law employment solicitors are leaders in their field and advise in relation to every aspect of employment law. Our solicitors also have industry specific knowledge and will focus in on your business and how it operates, providing you with practical strategic advice in relation to solving your employment problems and also improving the way you deal with employment law issues that arise on a day-to-day basis.

We are known for our skilled advice in relation to employment litigation cases, and we continue to achieve positive results for our clients whether by confidential settlement without having to go into the Employment Appeals Tribunal (EAT) or the Irish Courts or in relation to more contentious matters that end up in the EAT or the Irish Courts. We are also highly skilled in the areas of mediation and arbitration and we have mediated and arbitrated many complex cases to the satisfaction of our clients. We provide strategic, pragmatic advice that is cost effective for our clients.

Support for Clients in Employment Law Matters

We like to see eye-to-eye with our clients and to provide them with the type of legal services that they require. It is important that as partners that we provide you with industry specific advice tailored to your needs. We can assure that we can help you protect your business reputation and do so in a cost effective manner.

Who are our clients? We act for medium sized and large sized employers in a whole range of industries including retail, technology, healthcare, energy, logistics and media.

“Adams Law provide practical no nonsense advice with a commercial twist. Sound advice that protects businesses reputation”.

Our reputation is built upon the many loyal clients that we advise on a daily basis. We are a firm that listens, we like to understand your business and the various issues that affect you, so that we can provide you with a strategy that works for your business.

We not only like to provide legal solutions but also commercial answers to your employment laws issues.

What are the types of issues we deal have been dealing with recently?

  • Business Immigration matters.
  • Contractual issues and disputes
  • Data protection for employees.
  • Disciplinary and performance issues.
  • remuneration and bonuses.
  • restructuring and redundancy.
  • transfers of undertakings (TUPE).
  • workplace dispute resolution.
  • Litigation such as unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal and equal pay.
  • restrictive covenants.

What we can do for Employees

Adams Law acts for individual employees and groups of employees that are in conflict. We like to achieve positive outcomes for individuals through confidential settlements. We know that it is not only your job that we are dealing with but your future career and income. We like to understand your point of view and we endeavour to seek out a practical solution that works for you. In complex negotiations, we like to give both legal and commercial advice, it is important to look at all of the options and to weigh up the positives and the negatives in respect of each decision – we like to set realistic goals for our clients whilst looking to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We are extremely conscious of costs, and trying to achieve results for our clients in a cost efficient manner

The solicitors at Adams Law have worked on many significant employment law cases and each and every individual we represent, from senior executives and partners to junior employees receive exceptional legal representation together with the greatest of care and consideration at all times.

Complex employment cases

The workplace is a dynamic place and the downturn in the Irish economy had led to many employment law disputes over the last decade. Many of these cases involved complex employment law issues. We have handled many cases involving discrimination, unfair dismissals, collective redundancies and restrictive covenants. Our solicitors have undisputed industry knowledge that assists them in advising clients on complex case law and the potential outcome of their cases. In many instances, we have advised senior management in the healthcare, technology, media, logistics and retail sectors in relation to highly complex employment law disputes. We have advised and negotiated the departure of senior executives of global companies based in Ireland and in relation to more complex cases where senior executives are in addition shareholders of a company and the shareholders’ agreement is subject to the laws of another jurisdiction.

Redundancy is a complex area of employment law. We have advised many employees of their employment rights in redundancy situations, looking at the procedures that were followed, whether there has been appropriate consultation and whether fair procedure has been applied.

Employment Appeals Tribunal and High Court

We have acted for employees in numerous cases in the Employment Appeals Tribunal and the High Court in relation to complex collective redundancies, unfair dismissals, transfer of undertakings and disciplinary cases. We understand what it takes to do business with people, we are pragmatic in our approach and seek solutions that work for our clients. We are a solutions driven law firm and we are more than prepared to be assertive and resolute in order to achieve the best for our clients and if the circumstances require that approach. We have delivered compensation for employees, even for clients that are still in employment. We advise employees on their employment rights, and consider whether a proper procedure is being followed, including whether or not there has been adequate consultation, a fair redundancy selection, and the provision of opportunities for suitable alternative work.

Here are some of the legal services that we provide to employees:-

  • Advice in relation contracts for employment.
  • Advice in relation to redundancies.
  • Unfair dismissal and constructive dismissal claims.
  • Whistleblowers.
  • Discrimination.
  • Settlement agreements and compromise agreements.
  • Team moves.
  • Business Immigration.
  • Restrictive covenant advice.

We provide Employment Law support for foreign companies establishing businesses in Ireland

Thinking of setting up in Ireland? We help foreign companies in relation to business immigration.

We provide tailored legal services and hand holding for foreign companies setting up in Ireland.

A key element of successfully transferring your business to Ireland is an understanding of the law in relation to business immigration and employment. Our multi-lingual solicitors can assist you in strategically planning your move to Ireland, we are extremely experienced in dealing with dealing with the setting up of a company human resource function and complex employment laws and issues.

What can we do for you?

  • Advise on business immigration matters. Advise on the immigrant investor program in Ireland, residency and naturalisation as an Irish citizen.
  • Draft employee handbooks, employment contracts and provide general employment strategies for employers.
  • Advice in relation to practical day-to-day issues such as grievances, dismissals, performance management and how best to protect your interests as an employer.
  • Advice in relation to the transfer of undertakings (TUPE) and assistance in relation to recruitment and termination of employment contracts.
  • General day-to-day advice in relation to employees.
  • Providing updates to clients in relation to changes in the Law.

Here is what we really do well:-

  • Advice in relation to recruitment
  • Business immigration.
  • Data protection for businesses.
  • Disciplinary matters.
  • Employment contracts, policies and procedures.
  • Employee benefit schemes.
  • Employment disputes and litigation.
  • Transfer of undertakings/TUPE.
  • Legal updates.

Why is Adams Law the right firm for you?

We are a specialist corporate and commercial firm that has niche expertise in employment law.  We deal with foreign companies on a daily basis and we understand the difficulties of operating in a foreign jurisdiction. It is of paramount importance that you deal with a law firm that is a safe pair of hands and we are more than qualified to carry out that role with your firm. We have the expertise to take a lot of the hassle out of setting up in Ireland.

We employ highly skilled, pragmatic solicitors that can put together an effective employment strategy for your business.

We like to listen to our clients and understand their needs. We want to understand your business so that we can give you targeted advice that will assist you in your task of setting up in Ireland. Of course, risk is a significant factor in establishing business in Ireland and we look to provide you with a strategic solution to reducing your risk in relation to your new venture. The strategic solutions that we provide are commercial, practical solutions and most importantly we do not forget the importance of being cost conscious.

So what can we do for you straight away?

  • Provide you with a highly competitive quote for your legal requirements.
  • Explain in plain language the best strategy for you.
  • Help you establish your business and HR function in any part of Ireland.
  • Introduce you to key contacts that will make you move to Ireland much easier.

For more information, get in touch with Adams Law today for employment law advice.