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Competition and Regulation Markets

At Adams Law we provide a coherent, practical and pragmatic approach towards competition law and regulation that serves our clients both globally and locally.

One of the most significant challenges for clients in the current turbulent business environment is to be able to effectively deal with and embrace regulation. To understand the intricacies of many complicated laws and to ensure that your business learns how to grow and change within those defined parameters, is key to success. We understand what success is and the challenges that Irish businesses meet on a daily basis. We provide invaluable industry specific legal knowledge that can assist you in navigating through the most difficult Competition Law and Regulation challenges.

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We are accustomed to advising clients in the following areas of Competition law and Regulation:-

  • Takeover clearance.
  • Merger clearance.
  • Competition based litigation.
  • Dealer/distribution litigation.
  • Price discrimination.
  • State aid.
  • Unfair Competition.
  • Brexit specific advice.
  • Regulation advice for Inward Investment.

What are some of the day-to-day matters that we advise clients on?

  • Advising clients in relation to takeover and merger clearance.
  • Reviewing contracts and advising clients in relation breaches of regulation and changes in the law.
  • Assisting clients in drafting compliance policies and programmes.
  • Advising client in relation to public procurement.
  • Advising client in relation to the applicability of competition law and regulation in respect of commercial agreements, current business practices and industry specific compliance issues.
  • Advising clients in relation to licence conditions, price reviews and associated regulation issues.
  • Advising clients in relation to abuse of dominant position cases.
  • Advising clients in relation to Commercial disputes involving Competition Law issues and dealing with cases both in front of the Irish Courts and the European Courts.

Adams Law have significant local-market expertise and a wealth of Competition Law knowledge that assists clients in dealing with complex regulation and risk issues. Our solicitors are trained to deal with a whole range of Competition Law matters including unfair contract terms, merger clearance, competition litigation and advising companies establishing in Ireland. We have provided Competition Law and Regulation advice to businesses in a whole cross section of industries such as technology, media, healthcare, alternative energy, agri-business, intellectual property and retail and leisure.

Our solicitors are extremely used to dealing with cross-border transactions and litigation. We understand the complexities of both local and international Competition Law issues. Our competition law solicitors deliver effective, commercial solutions to our clients. We provide outstanding competition law and regulatory advice, we represent clients in the Irish and EU Courts as well as representing clients before competition and regulatory authorities.

Competition Related Litigation

Adams Law guide clients through every stage of the litigation process, we understand the challenges of high-stake litigation and we focus in on the key risk elements, providing clients with practical, business-centric advice.

Adams Law has represented many businesses in defending Irish competition law and regulation cases. We have successfully defended Competition Law and Regulation actions in the High Court and the Commercial Court. The types of actions that we typically deal with are competitor actions, actions for damages, injunctions and anti-competitive behaviour.

Some of our recent cases have been in the following areas of law:-

  • Abuse of a dominant position.
  • Action for damages following breach of regulations.
  • Commercial disputes.
  • Judicial review proceedings.
  • Unfair competition.

We like to build effective legal strategies with clients in relation to their litigation. We regularly look to have actions dismissed early on in the litigation process thereby saving our clients expense and avoiding time consuming and costly discovery. If matters can be dealt with on a summary basis before the Courts, we look to try and close down the action to our client’s benefit, saving time and money. Above all we look for success for clients, and we do that with highly trained solicitors that are pragmatic, approachable and who have both the local and international expertise.


Adams Law have been involved in a considerable number of complex and high-value commercial transactions that required merger clearance.

Unless managed properly from the outset, merger control clearance can have a major impact on the timing of a transaction. We have significant expertise in merger clearance, whether you are seeking same from the Irish Competition Authority or before the European Commission. We like to work with clients and to identify the issues early so that we can devise a notification strategy that causes as little impact as possible on the transaction. We like to protect our client’s interests, so we like to understand your business, the transaction at hand and to strategically and effectively deal with the notification process.

Adams Law’s Competition and Regulation solicitors provides clients with a dependable platform for obtaining competition law and regulatory clearance. Our solicitors work closely with our experts in mergers and acquisitions in order to provide all round practical advice in relation to certification and to ensure delays in the certification process are kept to an absolute minimum.

Without doubt, we are easy to work with and we have our client’s interests at the forefront of everything that we do.


  • Acting for the seller of an agribusiness where certification of the Irish Competition Authority was sought and obtained.
  • Acting for a supplier of a service in a Commercial Court public procurement dispute against a state body.
  • Acting for the seller of one of Ireland’s largest hotel groups for in excess of €450M where certification of the Irish Competition Authority was sought and obtained.

Senan Burke

Managing Partner