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Dispute resolution is what sets us apart from the rest.

Dispute resolution requirers business savvy solicitors – experts in understanding complex commercial disputes – we apply practical business based strategies – we look for early exit strategies in litigation that benefits your business – we are lateral thinkers.

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In today’s ever changing world, commercial disputes, investigations and multi-faceted litigation, can consume and challenge businesses and business people. Clients turn to us at Adams Law when their vital interests are at stake. They look to our in depth knowledge of the litigation process and the Courts, our ability to read situations, our legal and business acumen, our broad scope of litigation services, and above all our innate ability to find solutions to complex challenges. With significant experience in all of the Irish Civil Courts, we have acted for clients in some of the largest and most complex cases before the Irish Courts. What distinguishes Adams Law from all other Irish law firms is that we have the unique ability to understand your business, to understand the challenges that you are facing and to find practical legal and commercial solutions to those challenges.

For some clients the concept of Courtrooms, Judges, Arbitration, Mediation, Disputes, Prosecution, Cases, Lawsuits can overwhelm clients. We are here to make things a little easier for you, and at Adams Law, we have seen our fair share of commercial litigation matters. Our solicitors are leaders in their profession and they have the knowledge and confidence to expertly handle your legal disputes. For example, key to performing well in the intense atmosphere of a courtroom is really strong case management. Being prepared is a key element of what we do. We like to communicate and we also like to make sure that you are kept in the loop and kept informed every step of the way.

We have represented clients before arbitrators, mediators, the Commercial Court, in fact in all Courts from the District Court all the way up to the Supreme Court for matters of every type, size and shape. Shareholder disputes, debts, commercial contract disputes, joint venture disputes, landlord and tenant matters, breaches of warranty, fraud, insurance coverage, investor and owner disputes and application of non-compete agreements – that is a flavour of what we do. Adams Law have the experience to offer clients a comprehensive and expert advice on all aspects of Dispute Resolution.

How have we achieved success for our existing loyal clients? Well, we have clever solicitors who will get to know you, your business and what your dispute is all about and we will work together to find the best and most cost effective solution for you. What we like to do is to set out the legal options in front of you and work with you in order to come up with the best strategy for you.

Recent significant cases and results;

Construction and Real Estate

Advised client in three connected Commercial Court cases in respect of converting a debt into a security interest over a €100m hotel redevelopment and ancillary injunction proceedings which also involved defending successfully injunction proceedings from a bank relating to a priorities agreement.

Defence of Commercial Court proceedings in relation to a dispute over variations amounting to €1.8 million in value under a development contract with one of Ireland’s leading building companies. The matter settled successfully for clients.

Setting aside of planning enforcement notices and successful defence of proceedings brought by a Local Authority in relation to the demolition of a residence and removal of a sewage recycling plant.

High Court action for retail landlord against tenant in relation to breach of covenant for non-payment of rent of €500,000.

Acted for Plaintiff in Commercial Court dispute over ownership of shopping centre, breach of pre-emption rights under the Companies Acts and issues of discovery before the Supreme Court. Value of dispute €11.5 million. Matter settled to the satisfaction of client.

Manufacturing & Product Liability

Successfully acted for Plaintiff in multi-million euro claim for damages and breach of contract in the High Court. Dispute with leasing company who had trucks manufactured for the Plaintiff to be let to it for use in its logistics business, however, all of the truck axles were faulty.

Settled a significant case involving negligent misrepresentation, tort and product liability for a substantial sum for a food company against an International company after a week in the High Court in respect of defective freezer equipment that was alleged to have caused substantial damage to our client’s business resulting in a receiver being appointed, having secured the receiver’s consent to take the action and a waiver of the receiver to the proceeds of the action.

Financial Services

Victory for a Financial Underdog and pre-trial settlement in Commercial Court case in multi-jurisdictional proceedings taken in Ireland, the UK, the Isle of Man and Jersey in respect of a receivership and the sale of Stg£47M of assets and in relation to a Hedge Fund product saving a client £8M in relation to sums due to a bank.

Acted in a successful injunction action on behalf of directors representing a substantial investor against an Irish public listed company to which an Inspector was ultimately appointed to investigate, inter alia, the allegations made by our clients.

Multiple actions taken for investors in relation to the mis-selling investment funds with lending institutions. Typical size of claim €100,000 – €5,000,000.


Successful pre-trial settlement of a dispute with a lending institution over ownership of multiple defendants’ shares in multi-million euro healthcare business.

Mediation of a dispute between two parties that owned a nursing home, retirement village and development sites valued in excess of €5,000,000. Successful outcome for our client.


Defended High Court injunction proceedings and subsequent litigation in relation to a €50 million wind farm and an agreement to use an easement over lands which had connector cable running over it to the electricity grid. Won denial of the preliminary injunctive relief sought by plaintiffs. Successfully saved client €2 million.

Business to Business

Action against an international hotel chain in respect of a €2 million contract to supply furniture. Successful in recouping 100% of sums due and owing.

Acted for a commercial vehicle leasing company defending an interim injunction brought by a competitor over the sale of two machines worth in excess of €500,000.

Acted for Plaintiff in a fraud, deceit and negligent misstatement claim that was won after a 6 week hearing in the High Court and again on appeal in which the damages were paid by one of the main Irish banks who were a party to the action.

Trusts & Off-shore

Action against an offshore trust with assets of €30 million in order to regain control of trust assets for client. First case in Irish Courts to look through a trust on the basis of family law. Case successfully settled for client.


Representing one of Ireland’s largest logistics company at the Employment Appeals Tribunal in relation to an employee taking an unfair dismissals action. Successfully settled before the hearing.


Representing 20 employees in relation to a redundancy in respect of a foreign media company shutting down operations in Ireland and successfully negotiating a settlement following proceedings in front of a Rights Commissioner and the Labour Court.


Representing major fast food group in relation to a constructive dismissals case and settling same at mediation pre-trial.


Acting for a foreign company in defence and counterclaim in relation to a multi-million euro computer product distribution agreement dispute relating to anti-competitive behaviour and breach of agreement.

Acted in several minority oppression of shareholder cases in relation to technology and associated industries and involving breach of director’s duties, theft and fraud, fraudulent and reckless trading, unfair dismissals and associated matters.


Defending a client in relation to a shareholder dispute and injunction in relation to a €10 million pharmaceutical company, successfully negotiating exit for shareholder.

Defending clients in relation to an application by the Director of Corporate Enforcement to strike them off as directors of a pharmaceutical company.


Defending a receiver in relation to his actions as Plaintiff in respect of a multi-million euro anti-competition claim against cement companies.

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