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Very often the first call we get from a start-up is in relation to the practicalities of launching their App or website. We understand that in most instances, you are finding your feet and we are definitely here to help. So here are some of the questions that you guys ask us guys;

  • Oh, by the way, what’s the best corporate structure for a start-up?
  • Eh, what regulations do we need to comply with?
  • Hmmm, you wouldn’t have terms and conditions that we could use on our website?
  • Oh yes, how do we protect our name and idea?
  • How many shares should we have in the company and what if we have an argument?
  • We are going to be storing a lot of information about people, how do we make sure it is secure and we don’t get sued?
  • We are gonna be taking to investors, do we give them shares in the company for investment or how does that work?
  • We are looking to enter into an agreement so that we have exclusivity in Ireland and the U.K.

We know how to expertly answer these questions and many more that will bring you through all of the stages of the evolution of a start-up. We will give you the heads up early on in relation to the best strategy and, we speak your language, so do not be afraid to ask us to explain something, we are more than happy to give you the low down from our wealth of experience dealing with start-ups.

Let us call you.

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Where do you go from here? Well, believe it or not there are several stages a start-up goes through and along the way you will need different types of practical commercial and legal advice. If you have an investor on board, that is great, however, make sure that you are properly protected by way of a shareholder’s agreement or a similar arrangement and make sure you look at the strategic and financial implications of the investment. What are we saying? Don’t solely think of the short term, get good quality strategic advice that will see you through each stage of your development as a start-up.

Don’t forget we do the tough stuff and the big stuff as well, we know how to represent you in negotiations with angel investors, investment houses and banks – we have seen it all, we know how to fight your corner, but we are always aware of the goal. We are also experts on advising businesses as they grow, you will ultimately develop a human resource function, a finance function, a technology and/or production function, each of which requires specialist legal and regulatory advice.


Hey, we like to create partnerships with our future clients.  Your success will also be our success. Our role is to assist you in making important decisions. Confidence is important, we are here to answer all of your legal questions and to provide you with the necessary back-up to allow you make those key decisions – if that means calling us during an important meeting then pick up the phone and give us a call, we are here to help. That confidence will allow you make the right decisions for your business.


Well, we have no secrets, we call it TRANSPARENCY….tell us what you want to do and we will clearly set out for you what the costs are going to be. Remember, we are a niche commercial law firm, we are likely to cost a whole lot less than all of our bigger competitors. So, not only have we the expertise, not only do we want to hold your hand and to send you forth with practical commercial legal advice, we are going to do it all at a cost level that does not give you hiccups or make you feel faint.