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Fighting for IP, be sure to have the best Intellectual property litigation on your side.

Intellectual property litigation usually involves complex concepts and high stakes. For many of our clients operating in the technology and digital sectors, their intellectual property rights are the most valuable part of their business. Not only must you look to defend your most valuable assets from infringement but you should also be looking at and pre-empting potential risks in the market. We carry out reviews for clients with a view to assisting you identify potential infringements and providing you with strategies to help you deal with those risks. We understand the importance of your intellectual property rights to your business and we are here to step in and exert or defend your rights in a strategic and efficient manner.

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“It is all about ideas, ingenuity and creativity, one of our clients said it’s all about taking a step beyond the realms of reality. When it comes to all things legal we like to keep our clients rooted squarely on the ground. It is all about effectively protecting you’re business and you’re interests.”

Senan Burke, Managing Partner

Adams Law act for both large and small companies that are located in Ireland and abroad and operate in a vast array of sectors. Very often intellectual litigation can be highly complex involving difficult scientific concepts. We like to focus in on results and whether you are defending or protecting your rights we work with you to find a legal strategy that works for your business.

Here are some of the matters that we have been working on recently:-

  • Proceedings in the High Court for the protection of trademarks, copyright, designs and patents
  • Actions in front of the Court of Appeal
  • Advising in relation to use of patents and trademarks by third parties
  • IP actions and remedies before all court levels
  • Negotiations and alternative dispute resolution
  • Domain name disputes

Given our reputation as a driven intellectual property law firm, we have been engaged in many high stake and complex litigation cases for clients, we understand that our client’s interests and views are of paramount importance in delivering an outstanding legal service. We know when it is appropriate to be pragmatic but equally we know when to turn up the tempo with a view to getting the most successful outcome for our clients. We understand the high paced difficult nature of doing business in the global environment and that having proactive legal advisers like Adams Law to protect key business interests such as intellectual property rights can mean the difference between success and failure. We do not lose focus of the goal – your goal.

Senan Burke

Managing Partner