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Of course, Intellectual Property rights are a huge part of the Irish economy. Needless to say, the rapid pace of technology and innovation has transformed business in Ireland. Adams Law LLP is a firm that is forward thinking, flexible and creative. We are here to help you decide on how you want to protect your interests or to plan ahead for the future.

Do you need advice in relation to an Intellectual Property contract or are you looking to protect your brand and business? If so, you need to talk to us. We are experts in Intellectual Property litigation. Without doubt, it is highly technical. You need expert intellectual property law advice. We are a dynamic legal team that will fight to protect your intellectual property rights.

So, what sort of areas do we advise clients on:-

  • Key of course is brand and reputation protection
  • If you have an issue with copyright
  • Or you are trying to protect your domain name
  • It may be that you are concerned about trademark infringement
  • Database protection is key also
  • Keeping your design rights protected might be of vital importance to you
  • Trade secrets, confidentiality or NDAs of course help to protect your business
  • Do you want to take a High Court passing off action?
  • Or maybe you are just looking for IP contract advice!

Adams Solicitors Dublin and nationwide are leading Intellectual Property Law advisers.

Of course, at Adams Law LLP, we know that our clients’ brands, patents and other Intellectual Property Law rights are sometimes their most valuable assets. Failure to protect them may have disastrous consequences for your business. We are experienced IP solicitors and can assist you in protecting and developing your asset, combining legal protection with commercial, tax law and finance law advice.

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You need to protect your IP rights, in order to ensure that if they are disputed, you can effectively defend them, and ultimately protect your business should a dispute arise.

We like to learn about your business, to understand what your legal requirements are and to provide you in depth, practical advice in relation to your inventions, ideas and brands, including guiding you in respect of protecting the IP that makes your business successful, including:

  • Copyright
  • Designs
  • Domain names
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Trade Secrets


It is all about managing your return on investment at the end of the day and the best way to do that is to protect your business assets, to be more specific your IP. We are experts in providing the following services:-

  • Brexit issues
  • IP audits
  • Licensing agreements
  • Non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements
  • Privacy requirements
  • Security agreements
  • Web audits, including terms and conditions


Of key importance to the protection of all IP rights is their effective defence and we are experts in resolving disputes and defending client’s business assets, including:

  • Proceedings in the High Court for the protection of trademarks, copyright, designs and patents
  • Actions in front of the Court of Appeal
  • Advising in relation to use of patents and trademarks by third parties
  • IP actions and remedies before all court levels
  • Negotiations and alternative dispute resolution
  • Domain name disputes


So, what sort of clients do we act for? Well we act for start-ups, established technology companies and world famous companies in whole host of industries which include:

  • Firstly, bio-technology
  • Secondly, cloud based technology
  • Thirdly, information technology
  • Fourthly, media
  • Fifthly, pharmaceuticals
  • Sixthly, food and beverage
  • Seventhly, retail


Here are some of the areas and types of Intellectual Property we have been working on recently:-

  • Registering trademarks and patents.
  • Protection of trademarks, patents, software, know-how, brand image, copyrights, domain names and other intellectual property rights against any infractions.
  • Trade secrecy and copyright infringement.
  • Media and entertainment law.
  • Advertising.
  • Adapting contracts to local requirements.
  • Competition law.
  • Research and development issues.
  • Gambling, social networking and social gaming law.

We also have experience in the litigation and resolution of intellectual property disputes, including infringement and breach of contract issues.


Senan Burke

Managing Partner