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Trademark Law and your business

Have you an issue with litigation and your trademark? Maybe you need advice in relation to a commercial agreement? Adams Law LLP are here to help. We are experts in all types of Intellectual Property.

Without doubt, we understand the importance of your brand when it comes to doing business on the global stage. In addition, we give targeted advice to companies that are looking at opportunities and threats in the market. Furthermore, this allows our clients to make balanced strategic decisions that will have a positive impact on their business. Above all, at Adams Law LLP, we provide you with an all-encompassing service in relation to your trademarks. Above all, we are a truly dynamic group of professionals from a range of specialties who deliver top-notch trademark services to client. Our advice to client includes the acquisition and commercialisation of intellectual property. In addition our litigation team assists with enforcement and defence of intellectual property rights.

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Of course, in the competitive global marketplace, companies strive to distinguish their products and services from those of others.  They do this through distinctive marks, logos, names and messages in order to build customer loyalty. We know that we provide an extremely practical, pragmatic and strategic legal service to our clients. Without doubt, we can help you with all your trademark queries, including the registration and enforcement of trademarks and related rights.

The Trademark areas that we work in are

  • Brand management
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Due diligence
  • Regulation
  • Domain names
  • Licensing

Our clients come from a broad cross section of business sectors, industries and technologies and they rely upon Adams Law LLP solicitors and agents to protect and advance their patent interests. Our solicitors combine legal expertise, industry experience and technical knowledge as well as a deep understanding of the science underlying our clients’ innovations. This combination of skills enables Adams Law LLP to provide our clients with strategic advice on the best ways to optimize their patents and protect their interests.

Contact Adams Law LLP solicitors Dublin and nationwide for advice in relation to Trademarks.

Senan Burke

Managing Partner