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Environmental Law and Planning Law for businesses and individuals

If you have any queries on environmental law and planning law issues contact our expert team today. However, make it fast, because there are stringent time rules.

Without doubt, we are a well know firm in the planning and environment law sphere. Frequently, we have been involved in defending many clients in respect of their property. Our defence team have been involved in High Court actions such as judicial reviews. In addition, we have been involved in injunctions relation to planning law and environmental law matters.

Don’t forget, if you have an issue please do not hesitate in giving us a call. Needless to say, good advice requires reliable solicitors with expert knowledge.

For instance, we regularly advise clients on

  • Judicial Reviews and Appeals of An Bord Pleanala decisions.
  • Disputes with the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Planning applications and appeals.
  • Planning obligations and agreements.
  • Policy and strategic planning.
  • Enforcement and appeals.
  • Permitted development and changes of use.
  • Statutory challenges/High Court appeals.
  • Public rights of way.
  • Building regulations.
  • Listed buildings.
  • Boundary disputes and trees, hedgerows and fences.
  • General planning advice.

Above all, sound Planning Law and Environmental Legal Advice

Most importantly, for developers, investors and individuals, the most valuable asset in their business or personal assets is their land and buildings. Failure to receive planning permission can have a huge impact on your business. Also, of course on the value of your property.

Sometimes, Planning Law and Environmental Law seems so unjust

Very often, incorrect decisions are made. In addition, the reasons behind those decisions may be flawed. Irish Planning and Environment Law is complicated. For instance, the procedures involved in development plans or the process in formulating an inspector’s report may be called into question. How can we help? Well, we have years of expeience dealing with these types of cases.

Certainly, Court Action can have an impact on you and your business

In addition, there are strict rules when it comes to taking action in Court. Time to take action is extremely limited. Firstly, Adams Law LLP are able to effectively put together your case in respect of a planning decision or an Environmental Protection Agency decision. Secondly, our clever solicitors understand the practical and legal aspects of Irish planning law and Irish environmental law. Top legal knowledge is a huge advantage. Thirdly, most importantly, we understand your business needs and aims. That is to say, our solicitors draw on their extensive experience. They are here to offer you quality legal and strategic advice. Above all, it is about getting you get the best planning outcome for your business.

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Moreover, your business needs to constantly change in order to keep up. There are greater demands in relation to environmental governance. As a result, you face challenging issues such as:-

  • pollution or contamination;
  • habitat protection;
  • climate change;
  • sustainability;
  • energy efficiency;
  • waste minimisation.

Use of renewables have become the focus of legislation at national and international level.

Directors and other officers of companies can no longer ignore these issues. As a consequence, non-compliance may lead to stricter criminal liability. There may also be significant financial and reputational issues.

Without doubt, dealing with issues relating to environmental law and planning law can be traumatic. At Adams Law LLP, we have the experience and in-depth knowledge of the law to solve your issues.

For example, here are recent highlights of work 

  • Defending an action in Court against a developer. The case related to a housing estate. An action was taken by a local authority to have the housing estate knocked down. As a consequnce, the local authority issued enforcement proceedings.
  • Settling a dispute for a developer. The defendant was a local authority. The case involved a residential development. Key was the enforceability and validity of a social housing planning condition.
  • Success in a High Court action in relation to a windfarm. Additional issues related to the use of a right of way. It involved an adjacent family home.
  • Advising a client in relation to a golf course development. Advice relating to the habitats directive. In addition, advice in relation to a public right of way.

Senan Burke

Managing Partner