Corporate Recovery and Insolvency

Challenging times,
Strategic recovery solutions.

“There are significant challenges ahead for companies and individuals seeking to emerge from Insolvency in Ireland. Refinancing options are limited and clients are demanding a novel approach to legal and commercial advice. We look to understand a client’s business, we have the know-how to assist clients in finding workable solutions.”

Lisa Webb,  Solicitor

Our corporate recovery and insolvency solicitors work with businesses and individuals who are unable to pay their debts or are suffering temporary cash flow problems or are insolvent. We also advise clients that want to make individuals bankrupt or are in dispute with insolvent companies.

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Our main focus is on the rescue or recovery of your business. We look to understand your business and to pinpoint the reasons for its insolvency and look to negotiating strategic solutions for our clients. The challenges for distressed businesses are complex and constantly changing, however our corporate recovery and insolvency team have invaluable expertise and pragmatic negotiating skills that can provide you with legal, commercial and financial solutions to help you restructure or reorganise your business. We also negotiate and provide solutions for clients through informal negotiations and have been successful in renegotiating deals with banks, finance houses and vulture funds.

The sooner you get professional advice from Adams Law in relation to your business, if you are concerned that it has trading difficulties, the easier it is for us to find a solution and in some instances resolve your financial problems.

Adams Law also advises liquidators, receivers and examiners. We seek to minimize the disruption to businesses and to efficiently deal with insolvency situations. We are involved in high volume sale of company assets and of properties. We act for Insolvency practitioners and we effectively compliment the services they provide. How do we do that? Well, we pride ourselves in offering a fast, efficient and communicative service, we do not lose sight of the goal, a fast and successful disposal of assets.

Our solicitors advise on collecting money from debtors, restructuring your business, negotiating with banks and vulture funds and general debt and security enquiries. If your business or you as an individual cannot avoid insolvency, we can assist you through the process and provide you with exceptional legal and commercial advice. Directors and other parties need to be made fully aware of the potential risks in relation to personal liability resulting from insolvency. We are experienced in advising boards of directors, senior executives and shareholders in relation to the consequences of insolvency and the risk of personal liability. We seamlessly advise insolvency practitioners in relation to their obligations, roles and own personal liabilities.

We are used to dealing with contentious and non-contentious corporate recovery and insolvency matters. Here are some of the areas that we advise on:-

  • Bankruptcies.
  • Corporate restructuring.
  • De-mergers.
  • Directors’ duties on insolvency.
  • Disqualification of directors.
  • Examinerships.
  • Fixed charge receiverships.
  • Fraudulent and reckless trading.
  • Insolvency injunctions
  • Insolvency disputes for directors and shareholders.
  • Members’ voluntary liquidations.
  • Partnership insolvency.
  • Receiverships.
  • Retention of title claims.
  • Security reviews and enforcement.
  • Winding up petitions.

Why not contact us now for a confidential meeting in order to discuss your corporate recovery or insolvency issues, we are sure that we can find a solution that works for you.


  • Acting for a lending institution refinancing developers and property investors.
  • Refinancing an investment in a healthcare company out of NAMA.
  • Acting for a property group in a multi-jurisdictional receivership in respect of real estate assets in excess of €50M.
  • Acting for a debtor in defence of a claim by a bank for judgment in a sum in excess of €29M.
  • Making applications for bankruptcy in the High Court.
  • Acting for debtors in relation to winding up petitions with a value in excess of €100M.