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Fixed Price Contracts

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When it comes to fixed price contracts always seek legal advice.

Adams Law’s fixed price contracts team can help you from day one. We like to take an innovative approach towards legal services. Very often you just don’t have the time to review, negotiate and mark-up contracts, but which pose a risk to your business on a collective basis. Many of our clients want advice in relation to low risk/value contracts and after listening to what our clients want, we are happy to be able to offer a range of fixed price legal services for both individuals and our business clients.

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How do we do it?

We can work with you to create a checklist of your specific concerns with such contracts and also on a general basis, advise on legal risk issues.

What is key for our clients is that we have a single point of contract for contract reviews – we can set up a dedicated email address for you to send your contracts to us.

We can produce a commentary on the contract or a commentary and mark-up for you, working to a specific time frame and in accordance with your instructions.

Typically the type of contracts eligible for this type of review are, as we said, of low risk/value employment contracts, short term commercial lettings, agency agreements, supply agreements, general business contracts for service and software licences.

Higher risk/value contracts would, generally, not be suitable for this type of review process. We would of course be delighted to discuss with you how we could provide you with advice in relation to these types of contracts too.

You can call us in relation to your queries so that we can deal with your important questions fast and efficiently. We can also help you out during your negotiations.

For more information on any of our fixed price legal services please get in touch with us on 01 6789788.