Refinancing or Re-mortgaging

Your Business or Property?

Has your loan been bought out by a vulture fund?

Do you want to refinance or re-mortgage your business assets or property with a new lender?

Are you in a position to do a deal with your existing lending institution to write down part of your debt?

Is your loan going to come to an end shortly or is your lender leaving Ireland?

Are you caught in a loan trap whereby you have performing assets but the rent from same is going towards repayments for non-performing assets?

Are you taking advantage of lower interest rates, or consolidating your debt or reducing your loan repayments? We can help.

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At Adams Law we have the answers to these questions. We understand that, in the current financial climate, a refinance or re-mortgaging of your assets may have the potential to take you from zero to hero. Very often we are asked by our clients to assist them when they’re refinancing property or other assets. Good quality legal advice is imperative in achieving the results you want. We can work with your financial adviser to seek a settlement of your existing loan and advise and put the legal structures in place to satisfy your new lender.

Our aim is to provide stress-free refinancing and re-mortgaging by helping you every step of the way, always keeping you informed and letting you make the key decisions.

When it comes to refinancing or re-mortgaging your existing property portfolio and assets, it is vital that the legal aspect of the transaction is carefully managed from the very outset to its conclusion. The experience of the solicitors at Adams Law ensures that our team can assist you with all aspects of your re-mortgaging or refinance, from representing you in negotiations through to carefully reviewing and advising you on all legal security documentation relevant to the transaction.

At Adams Law our aim is to provide our clients with the most efficient service possible. We have the experience of working with banks and other professionals in ensuring that our client’s refinancing and re-mortgages run smoothly and close as soon as possible.

Here are some of the ways we can assist you:

  • We can give you the best legal advice available prior to the refinance or re-mortgage taking place, so that it runs smoothly and happens quickly and efficiently.
  • Provide you with independent legal advice in relation to your lending facility and security.
  • We immediately look after redeeming your existing mortgage from the refinance or re-mortgage proceeds.
  • We deal with your new lender and satisfying all their legal requirements.
  • We provide practical advice by really well trained, intelligent lawyers who are conscious of the need to act fast and achieve results for clients.

Why do Clients refinance or re-mortgage their property?

Our clients come to us in order to assist them in refinancing or re-mortgaging their property and other assets after reviewing their facility letter or simply because their mortgage term is due to expire, or their lender has intimated that they want our client to either sell their loan or to refinance or re-mortgage their property. Very often our clients are also seeking to take advantage of lower interest rates, consolidating debt or reducing loan repayments.

  • The borrower’s Loan is about to expire or has expired.
  • The borrower’s existing facility provides for a managed sale of properties over the remainder of the term of the facility.
  • The borrower is being overcharged.
  • The borrower’s lender is moving out of Ireland and the borrower has been given an ultimatum to refinance.
  • The borrower’s Loan has been sold to a Piranha lender and the borrower needs to refinance otherwise that lender will put them into liquidation, receivership or bankruptcy.
  • The borrower’s lender is willing to do a deal if they refinance. This might be a write off or a sale of the loan in exchange for payment and/or various other conditions.

Preparing to refinance or re-mortgage your property and assets.

Key to successful refinancing and re-mortgaging is getting the figures right – what is it going to save you and what doors does it open? It may be simply the case that you want to push the decision of a sale of assets out for another 5 years or that you expect values to rise during the interim. Figure out what the overall cost is going to be taking into consideration arrangement fees, interest, exit fees, legal fees and associated costs. Costs will also be incurred when discharging your existing loan, such as a discharge fee, legal costs, early repayment fees, interest break costs and more. Of course, these costs can be very high if you have a fixed interest loan.

Also remember that your new lending institution will also have fees, which may include an arrangement fee, valuation fee, legal costs, title searches, registration fees and more. They may also insist on you reviewing your insurance, carrying out a survey and/or valuation, getting tax advice and other requirements.

If you have made a decision to refinance or re-mortgage your property or assets, you will need to speak to a solicitor to obtain advice and ensure that the transfer of your loan from your existing lender to your new lender happens smoothly without any fuss.


  • Acting for one of Irelands largest lending institutions refinancing developer and investor loans.
  • Acting for property investor in relation to the refinance of buy to let properties valued at €25M.
  • Acting for a healthcare group in the refinance of existing facilities and allowing for the further acquisition of five nursing homes.
  • Acting for two individuals transferring a prime commercial property in the centre of Dublin to an SPV and obtaining finance in the region of €8M.
  • Refinancing properties out of vulture funds.



Lisa Webb

Senior Associate