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There are a whole array of issues confronting business involved in the area of life sciences. It is an extremely technical area and requires an outstanding knowledge of science and medicine. In addition, the regulatory environment plays a significant role in relation to all of our clients’ businesses.  If you are taking legal advice, you need to be speaking to solicitors that have the necessary scientific and medical knowledge to assist you in making the right decisions for your business. At Adams Law our solicitors understand the complexity of this environment, they understand the nuances of science and medicine and they have industry knowledge that helps guide clients in complex transactions and litigation.

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There are significant commercial challenges for Irish biotechnology and medical device companies. From obtaining private equity and financing to bringing products from concept to the market. It is a challenging environment that requires outstanding commercial and legal advice as well as a commitment to meet regulatory demands. Whether it is a product, a process or even a therapy, without doubt your business will have to successfully deal with intellectual property issues, regulatory issues and reputational risks.

The types of challenges that Irish companies have faced over the last few years include, expiration of patents and associated generic challengers in the market, shareholder hostility due to low returns, increased Irish and European regulation, greater price competition for therapeutics and drugs and increasing costs relating to research and development.

Not only are we experts in life sciences law but we also do a significant amount of work in these complimentary areas of law:-

  • Intellectual property.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Dispute Resolution.
  • Regulations and compliance.
  • Finance and investment.
  • Environmental law.

We understand that our client’s needs vary from day to day and that we need to provide dynamic advice that is targeted to their specific industry and operation. No matter what your size, or how big or small your issue is, we are here to assist you with your legal requirements. We provide an outstanding level of service tailored to your requirements.

We provide an exceptionally high quality of service to life sciences businesses including small and medium sized enterprises, start-ups and significant corporations on a wide range of issues including corporate and commercial law, compliance issues and intellectual property.

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